Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well everyone back in California we are still having our lives changed daily by the beautiful people of Jos, Nigeria. Personally Im constantly moved by God and his presence. So far today we went to church with the students of the University of Jos and wow do they know how to worship. We were blessed. Plus Faith Alive partners with them (you will be glad to know) so they can keep their weekly Singles meeting going at the school. Its theme is HIV awareness in Nigeria and Africa and especially to the youth. We also found time after to have a short time of fellowship with brothers Joshua and Daniel and support them today during a soccer (football here) game. Joshua and Daniel coach a Faith Alive youth team ages are roughly 16-19, consisting of inner city youths in order to get them off the streets. They play against guys older and stronger than them, but the Lord is building them up now, Praise God. We came home for lunch and went to the Faith Alive clinic to lead a HIV/AIDS support group that is the only group of its kind for literally hundreds of miles around.
Teaching Africans to open up about their problems and HIV infection is key as the culture is very prideful, and does not discuss these things normally. Also like other parts of the world the women with HIV are exiled out of their famalies and not hired for work. Meanwhile most get infected from men who do not get tested. Faith Alive does SO much here though. They are working with the fervor of the Holy Spirit to bring healing to the peoples of Nigeria and Africa. From a holistic approach... not just the mind and body but the soul must follow! Praise God.
We all have had opportunities to share our testimonies and stories. Meet the greatest and most interesting and loving people that I've personally ever meet, and so on. Im humbled to be included in Gods work. Our team is amazing, hard working, caring, patient and transparent with one another. Cant wait to see whats in store. So much left still to do. We are starting the Celebrate Recovery training for everyone tomorrow, building the only playground in Jos this week, visiting homes of AIDS/HIV patients, and much more. Some of us are even thinking about staying longer!!! We miss all of you, pray for the people of Jos. ISAIAH 58 Steve N.

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  1. Awesome. When the vessels are open and willing, God moves. Praying for all of you.
    Sue and Dave Batz