Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009

Hello from Jos........

We have been in Jos for a week now. This is truly an amazing and very unique place we are in. The people at Faith Alive and throughout this city are beautiful inside and out, shine with the light of God and are very warm and loving. The women are in beautiful dresses that look like a kaleidoscope of color and they carry their babies in wrap pouches on their back. All of this in the midst of a city that has no electricity, no running water, poverty, filth and broken down structures, schools and villages all around them. None the less, these wonderful people carry themselves with great dignity. The reality is, we are all sisters and brothers in Christ no matter where we live or the color of our skin and He loves us equally and unconditionally. This is proven so true in what we have witnessed in these people. God handpicked our team for his purposes on this mission.……………..Todd, Ty, Steve, Cliff, Jeff, Sherri, Rebecca and myself. God is moving and working in each of our lives in this process. It is very humbling and exciting to watch. He knows exactly what each one of needs at this stage of our walk with Him and He is refining and transforming us every step of the way. It is an honor for us to be here to serve God and these great men, women and children.

With God "all" things are possible, without Him, we can doing nothing!

Please continue to keep us your prayers


* Trivia - Jos means "Jesus Our Savior".

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Greetings Supporters -- what an amazing time we are havingin Nigeria -- thanks for all of your support and prayers -- you have no idea what an impact it makes over here!
Thanks for having our backs!
Well everyone back in California we are still having our lives changed daily by the beautiful people of Jos, Nigeria. Personally Im constantly moved by God and his presence. So far today we went to church with the students of the University of Jos and wow do they know how to worship. We were blessed. Plus Faith Alive partners with them (you will be glad to know) so they can keep their weekly Singles meeting going at the school. Its theme is HIV awareness in Nigeria and Africa and especially to the youth. We also found time after to have a short time of fellowship with brothers Joshua and Daniel and support them today during a soccer (football here) game. Joshua and Daniel coach a Faith Alive youth team ages are roughly 16-19, consisting of inner city youths in order to get them off the streets. They play against guys older and stronger than them, but the Lord is building them up now, Praise God. We came home for lunch and went to the Faith Alive clinic to lead a HIV/AIDS support group that is the only group of its kind for literally hundreds of miles around.
Teaching Africans to open up about their problems and HIV infection is key as the culture is very prideful, and does not discuss these things normally. Also like other parts of the world the women with HIV are exiled out of their famalies and not hired for work. Meanwhile most get infected from men who do not get tested. Faith Alive does SO much here though. They are working with the fervor of the Holy Spirit to bring healing to the peoples of Nigeria and Africa. From a holistic approach... not just the mind and body but the soul must follow! Praise God.
We all have had opportunities to share our testimonies and stories. Meet the greatest and most interesting and loving people that I've personally ever meet, and so on. Im humbled to be included in Gods work. Our team is amazing, hard working, caring, patient and transparent with one another. Cant wait to see whats in store. So much left still to do. We are starting the Celebrate Recovery training for everyone tomorrow, building the only playground in Jos this week, visiting homes of AIDS/HIV patients, and much more. Some of us are even thinking about staying longer!!! We miss all of you, pray for the people of Jos. ISAIAH 58 Steve N.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday 27 June, 2009

The seeds of the Celebrate Recovery movement at Faith Alive are starting to take sprout. A morning meeting with Dr. Obindo & Naiomi (Faith Alives Representatives) set in motion the start of our Conference that will run for 4 days starting Monday. A surprise invitation for Jeff Redmond to appear on a local television program has brought a flood of participants. We expect more than 100 people to attend. Pray for God to work in mighty ways in the lives of these leaders who will take to program into the local communities. We will report our progress, thanks for your support....

26 June 2009

Hello loved ones,
I should tell you right away that the delay in our posts have actually been a good thing. The Holy Spirit is moving at breakneck speed in Jos, Nigeria and we are just trying to keep up. Our team was invited to lead the Faith Alive devotion / prayer hour in the clinic lobby floor and we watched 22 people come to Christ! (Ty apparently was counting) Maybe Ray needs to talk to him about that when we get back. Yesterday was also day 1 leading our Bible School for the local schools. Day 1 we expected 100-150, we had over 200 show! Praise God. They got to color and draw for a while, learned some new songs and games, got taught a short lesson, and finally finished with some drinks/snacks. This rarely happens for any kid in Jos ever. You made this possible. It brought so much joy to their lives, my words wouldn’t do it justice, so I wont try to do it. Today was day 2 and we were expecting about 400, over 400 showed! Praise God. We also did similar activities.
What blows me away about these kids is that despite the fact that they don’t have anything, they live in poverty (no running water, no septic, no electricity), hardly any money, some have one parent, some have no parents, they are hungry (most starving), yet they are extremely happy. They hug you, smile at you, wave to you, call to you if they see you in the street… Aweebo! (which means whiteman) and its not derogatory. They love the fact that we are from America, that we would come, that we would give, that we would share, but most of all that we care about them and we haven’t forgotten them. Most people do not know and will never know, so for me, it gives me peace knowing the clinic talks to them about God and Jesus Christ… because in the end most will forget them, God never has and never will. Through his will I am here, and I will never forget this place!
I saw God setting the pieces in place in my life for things like this to take place. I also see God putting the pieces in place for His will to be carried out in my life, the lives of the people I am with and the lives we are interacting with and impacting. It is all God. Living, breathing, inhabiting the children he created. I wish I could give it words but you cannot. Our first 4 full days God has accomplished much with us. I would like now to ask all of those who read this blog to pray that God would now take us to a place that we have never been. Have us labor like never before. Asked that He in His perfect knowledge of us, would push beyond our belief and strength. Have Him stretch us , and bend almost to breaking, so that the people of Jos would be blessed and see God. Pray for Faith Alive. We love and miss you. Steve

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hello all! We have arrived and would like to apologize about the delay of getting things posted and up. Traveling changes everything at times... even when your organized. Personally we are all fine and have already had amazing experiences. Becca had a touch of something before we even left and is recovering, so please pray for her, as the travel is making things linger still. We were on time and got into Jos around Noon Monday and were greated like family... Very Humbling. We took time that night to just eat and rest along with an introduction to the clinic. We also got the tour. This place is amazing!!! A clinic in the middle of Nigeria helping people fight against HIV/AIDS, along with other diseases, without charging the people suffering. Not to mention they support them with education in health spiritual and physical, provide schooling for suffering children, treating injuries, performing surgeries, proving treatment drugs, proving prayer, proving Bible teaching, proving hope... the list can go on.
Everyone on our team is already seeing God move in big ways in Jos and in peoples/childrens lives. In general all of our projects and plans have taken off with fire and are underway. As I type there is a rush to finally video feed into Sacramento so kids at Bayside Breakaway can see what kids in Nigeria are doing!!! Among so many other things. Too much to mention... so the plan is for our entire team to get on and type out individual stories when possible. I will do the same along with posting some general overview stuff so people can get a pulse as to whats going on in Jos, Nigeria. We are all excited and having a great time, all having God reveal to us different things through our own experiences with staff and patients. The staff is absolutely amazing, inspiring, driven and genuinely loving on us without hesitation... very humbling indeed. We will keep posting daily and pics will be up soon. Please pray for the patients... that there lives would be changed, hearts would be saved, and for those in pain that there suffering would be relieved. Your brother in Christ, Steve Newton