Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009

Hello from Jos........

We have been in Jos for a week now. This is truly an amazing and very unique place we are in. The people at Faith Alive and throughout this city are beautiful inside and out, shine with the light of God and are very warm and loving. The women are in beautiful dresses that look like a kaleidoscope of color and they carry their babies in wrap pouches on their back. All of this in the midst of a city that has no electricity, no running water, poverty, filth and broken down structures, schools and villages all around them. None the less, these wonderful people carry themselves with great dignity. The reality is, we are all sisters and brothers in Christ no matter where we live or the color of our skin and He loves us equally and unconditionally. This is proven so true in what we have witnessed in these people. God handpicked our team for his purposes on this mission.……………..Todd, Ty, Steve, Cliff, Jeff, Sherri, Rebecca and myself. God is moving and working in each of our lives in this process. It is very humbling and exciting to watch. He knows exactly what each one of needs at this stage of our walk with Him and He is refining and transforming us every step of the way. It is an honor for us to be here to serve God and these great men, women and children.

With God "all" things are possible, without Him, we can doing nothing!

Please continue to keep us your prayers


* Trivia - Jos means "Jesus Our Savior".


  1. Hi Team Nigeria,
    Thanks a lot for the updates. I am lifting you guys up here in the States =) Becca, I hope you are feeling much better now!

    Keji S.

  2. Hello Team Nigeria 09. It's great to hear your updates! I hope all is well with each of you; I'm praying for you all and for those you are ministering to, that God will bless and strengthen you and multiply your efforts many times over. We look forward to hearing more news soon! Love, John