Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hello all! We have arrived and would like to apologize about the delay of getting things posted and up. Traveling changes everything at times... even when your organized. Personally we are all fine and have already had amazing experiences. Becca had a touch of something before we even left and is recovering, so please pray for her, as the travel is making things linger still. We were on time and got into Jos around Noon Monday and were greated like family... Very Humbling. We took time that night to just eat and rest along with an introduction to the clinic. We also got the tour. This place is amazing!!! A clinic in the middle of Nigeria helping people fight against HIV/AIDS, along with other diseases, without charging the people suffering. Not to mention they support them with education in health spiritual and physical, provide schooling for suffering children, treating injuries, performing surgeries, proving treatment drugs, proving prayer, proving Bible teaching, proving hope... the list can go on.
Everyone on our team is already seeing God move in big ways in Jos and in peoples/childrens lives. In general all of our projects and plans have taken off with fire and are underway. As I type there is a rush to finally video feed into Sacramento so kids at Bayside Breakaway can see what kids in Nigeria are doing!!! Among so many other things. Too much to mention... so the plan is for our entire team to get on and type out individual stories when possible. I will do the same along with posting some general overview stuff so people can get a pulse as to whats going on in Jos, Nigeria. We are all excited and having a great time, all having God reveal to us different things through our own experiences with staff and patients. The staff is absolutely amazing, inspiring, driven and genuinely loving on us without hesitation... very humbling indeed. We will keep posting daily and pics will be up soon. Please pray for the patients... that there lives would be changed, hearts would be saved, and for those in pain that there suffering would be relieved. Your brother in Christ, Steve Newton


  1. Hello Team Nigeria,
    Im so glad you made it over their safe! Please send my love to everyone there. I miss them and look foward to someday returning to Jos. I will be praying for each of you and all of the amazing things God will be doing through each of you while you are there.

    God Bless, Shauna

  2. We have also created a website for you to follow our mission to Cambodia. We will be leaving Fri 6/27 and returning 7/11. Can wait to share stories with all of you.

    Check out