Saturday, June 27, 2009

26 June 2009

Hello loved ones,
I should tell you right away that the delay in our posts have actually been a good thing. The Holy Spirit is moving at breakneck speed in Jos, Nigeria and we are just trying to keep up. Our team was invited to lead the Faith Alive devotion / prayer hour in the clinic lobby floor and we watched 22 people come to Christ! (Ty apparently was counting) Maybe Ray needs to talk to him about that when we get back. Yesterday was also day 1 leading our Bible School for the local schools. Day 1 we expected 100-150, we had over 200 show! Praise God. They got to color and draw for a while, learned some new songs and games, got taught a short lesson, and finally finished with some drinks/snacks. This rarely happens for any kid in Jos ever. You made this possible. It brought so much joy to their lives, my words wouldn’t do it justice, so I wont try to do it. Today was day 2 and we were expecting about 400, over 400 showed! Praise God. We also did similar activities.
What blows me away about these kids is that despite the fact that they don’t have anything, they live in poverty (no running water, no septic, no electricity), hardly any money, some have one parent, some have no parents, they are hungry (most starving), yet they are extremely happy. They hug you, smile at you, wave to you, call to you if they see you in the street… Aweebo! (which means whiteman) and its not derogatory. They love the fact that we are from America, that we would come, that we would give, that we would share, but most of all that we care about them and we haven’t forgotten them. Most people do not know and will never know, so for me, it gives me peace knowing the clinic talks to them about God and Jesus Christ… because in the end most will forget them, God never has and never will. Through his will I am here, and I will never forget this place!
I saw God setting the pieces in place in my life for things like this to take place. I also see God putting the pieces in place for His will to be carried out in my life, the lives of the people I am with and the lives we are interacting with and impacting. It is all God. Living, breathing, inhabiting the children he created. I wish I could give it words but you cannot. Our first 4 full days God has accomplished much with us. I would like now to ask all of those who read this blog to pray that God would now take us to a place that we have never been. Have us labor like never before. Asked that He in His perfect knowledge of us, would push beyond our belief and strength. Have Him stretch us , and bend almost to breaking, so that the people of Jos would be blessed and see God. Pray for Faith Alive. We love and miss you. Steve

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  1. You have our commitment for prayer.
    Sue and Dave Batz