Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hey gang. Nice to know we still have our loyal following still checking in on us. Well, God is still doing big things in Jos, Nigeria. We had another wild thing happen in the recent days. A very sweet and faithful volunteer to Faith Alive came to know Christ Tuesday... I dont think I posted that! She has been here about a month now and is staying in the flat with the sisters of Bayside and she sat down and prayed with a staff member and accepted Jesus Christ. Thats 2! Crazy!!! And the whole time we think we are coming for others, yet God has all of us on His heart and in His mind in a special way. Thank you God! You are so Merciful to remember all of us the way you do. ABBA!!!, indeed.
We left the clinic this morning for the Elim School for needy children. So if words could only begin to describe the word needy in Jos, Nigeria I would try, but they dont! It was a blast and I got great joy out of it as I know the whole team did. We were welcomed like kings from another land and the kids were great Ambassadors of Nigeria. We were given special seats (in the shade), drinks, small snack, and were entertained by the children singing us songs and hymns. My favorite thing had to be the traditional dances they did for us to drums. Very Cool! They are humble, yet will never forget their heritage and where they came from... which is more than I can say for America. (But we still have a shot to change that) All in all, these boys and girls were very well behaved, courteous (the sixth graders walked us to the bus and carried our bags), and remembered Todd from recent years. We sang some songs with them, handed out some hugs, took some pics and gave them gifts. Our time was short so maybe we can do something special for them next year.
We got to experience another staff prayer meeting today at 3 where we were made guests again. We shared some scripture, gave thanks to the inspiration we have been receiving from Faith Alive, and listened to Pastor Ben preach a word on Julys topic "Pressing toward the mark" Phil3.
Then we prayed. I cant speak for the team, but I personally get memories of the churches my family grew up around. They pray without ceasing just like the Bible instucts us to do, with a fervent manner as well. It is something to watch... I pray it is something I start to see in churches in California, maybe even Bayside. We can learn a lot from the laborers of Jos. If anyone is interested... WE TOOK A LOT OF NOTES!
Well I will end for now. Most of the day flew by again. I hate to leave this place, I actually thought about staying. But many things to still do. We are putting up some murals in the clinic. They were done in California. This will help to brighten up some of the rooms opening. Also, we will clean and tidy up the Medical Records room, and whatever God can come up with. In closing, GOD IS BIG AND SO ARE HIS PLANS... MAY WE CARRY THEM OUT WHEN HE SPEAKS!!!SN


  1. It is awesome to hear about our God's might hand there at Faith Alive. God Bless you guy's

    :-) Dave

  2. Hi Lisa-
    The designTECH crew wishes you well and cannot wait to hear all about the trip and your successes!