Friday, July 3, 2009

Great News

I just wanted to shoot a quick update this morning to fill everyone in. We have been keeping close contact with Bayside via text and just got news that the kids at Bayside, during our Breakaway week, raised over 10,000 dollars for Faith Alive's "Peanut Butter Project". The Peanut Butter Project was designed to support the infants and orphans of Nigeria nutritionally. Most are born with ravaged immune systems even when born without HIV. So the project is important. Next we are helping the Sewing School. The Sewing School teaches women with HIV/AIDS (most have been kicked out of their homes) to sew and start their own businesses. They are given a brand new sewing machine to take with them on their journey. We are starting a scholarship program where the ladies are given money to start that business. They will pay it back over time, and that money will be another loan for a lady in the same situation! Our lump sum that we are giving Faith Alive will help at least 50 women get on their feet! Possibly even 60!!! Your support made it possible!
Our Celebrate Recovery training officially made it into the Nigerian Prison system this morning, as Jeff and Ty are their is I type. This will be implimented soon and will change lives. God is awesome and cannot be held back from his children... cement and steele bars are no match for Him. We are going to get the satellite clinic in the neighboring village painted and looking great, as it is faily new and needed a makeover, the lot next door to the clinic is getting leveled today in order to prepare it for a playground. Let me explain about this lot. This lot was vacant and purchased by Faith Alive to expand. It was vacant because the house was old and being used for drug use/dealings, about 2 years ago someone was murdered there. When Faith Alive purchased it, they tore down the building. Now a brand new playground will stand with swings, slides, teatherballs polls, with a parking lot, and (get this) a guard post which will be manned 24/7. This is making a statement to the city of Jos that the people will one day have their community back, no matter what it takes!
More money is going to be put into the Faith Alive shcols. Faith Alive Academy for instance only had one teacher for over 100 students... we will be paying for the salary to add another teacher. This is common in Africa. Faith Alive takes this very seriously and actually teachers here are not even very qualified, which is why there was only one at this time. But we will be involved in helping to find the right candidate. Also the murals are constructed and getting framed and put up today. Great things are happening, your support is going to change lives forever. Talk to you soon.


  1. Thanks for all great news. We're praying for you all and trust that your last few days there will be even more fruitful! Love you all and look forward to hearing moch more about what God is doing there.

  2. That is such exciting news. God is at work and you are blessed to be a part of the ministry. Praying for your team to be diligent to God's voice and for your health and for the love of the Lord to just ooze from your very pores.
    Sue Batz